Free Download: Working at Height Risk Assessment

The Working at Height Regulations is the number one reason that Prohibition Notices are issued by the Health and Safety Executive.

They are mainly issued for people working at height without handrails, on incomplete zip-up aluminium towers and from ladders.

Since October the 1st 2012, the Health and Safety Executive charge for any intervention they have with your company.  And they charge £124 per hour.  And for those that work on a Principal Contractors site, don’t think they will cop for the notice and the charge – you will!

So, what do you, as an employer, need to do to comply with the Working at Height Regulations?

1.  Identify all activities within your business where people are working above or below ground level

2. Undertake a Working at Height Risk Assessment (You can download one by clicking on that link) which will cover…

  • The height or depth of the work
  • The duration of the work
  • The tools or substances used
  • The actual activity
  • The hazards the person may face
  • The control measures to reduce the risk of the hazard actually happening

3.  Ensure all employees Working at Height or below ground attend Working at Height Training

4. Ensure the details of the Working at Height Activity are covered in your overall risk assessment and method statement/safe system of work.

We undertake working at height risk assessments as a matter of course for our clients.  We don’t take chances on only assessing work over a certain height and we ensure the control measures in place reduce the likelihood of injury to the person undertaking the task.

In the worst case scenario, if an injury does occur and your company is prosecuted or subject to a personal injury claim, you can produce a risk assessment which will help your defence.

If  you don’t have a Working at Height Risk Assessment for the work you are carrying out at height, you will be given a notice by the HSE.  Don’t take any chances and download our assessment form and guidance.  

Or you can Request a Call Back to make sure you are complying with the Working at Height Regulations or download the overview of our Working At Height training course(There’s even a discount offer – look at the cost section!)

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