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Since 2006, Claire Sheehan has been helping small businesses become legally compliant on shoestring budgets.

A fully qualified, Chartered Health and Safety Manger, Claire has over 13 years experience of not only doing the paperwork but implementing and making a difference on a practical level.  Recommendations, testimonials and a full career history can be read on Claire Sheehan’s Linked In Page.

Too many small companies are paying too much for too little service.  

“I review health and safety documentation on behalf of my clients, and some of the paperwork I see does not do the company they represent justice.  The health and safety documentation you supply is a reflection on your business, your credibility and your reputation.  Is your paperwork a true reflection of the work you do?  You need your paperwork to give your potential clients reassurance that you are not a health and safety risk – you are an asset!! and that is just what we do.”

If you’re with the smart people and want to get double your money by complying AND using Health and Safety to your advantage, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!  Also, make sure you’re on the health and safety free newsletter list  We give freebies away to keep you health and safety compliant – don’t miss out!!

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