The Tao of Health and Safety Accreditation

Health and safety accreditation is a road most companies are pushed down.  Either way it can be a long road, full of obstacles that even the most safety concious, pro-active company can become weary and fall along the way.

So, Which Road are You On?

Starting Out on the Road to Health and Safety Accreditation

Starting Out on the Road to Health and Safety Accreditation

There are the companies that can see the benefit of the journey, the ones that believe that at the end of the road, is the reward of more kudos with potential clients and competitors and the sense of security that the legal duties placed upon them are not only met, but exceeded.

Then there’s the business owners that avoid that road at all costs, literally incurring costs because their health and safety management is inefficient and below par.  They are pushed, kicking and screaming down the road by the clients they work for.


Do You Have to Travel the Road?

If you want to push your business forward then Absolutely Yes.  Pubic bodies insist on a minimum of an SSIP Level 1 accreditation such as SMAS, CHAS, Safecontractor or Constructionline.  They, like the construction companies that sub-contract work, have to fulfil their duty under the Construction, (Design & Management) Regulations (CDM) to ensure anyone they appoint is competent.  

Working on domestic jobs rather than commercial will no longer give you a pass when the CDM Regulations as of the 6th of April 2015, the new regulations will apply to domestic jobs with the homeowner, or landlord, holding the same client duties as clients on commercial projects.  

How Can the Road to Health and Safety Accreditation be made Smoother?

SSIP Level 1 accreditation

Download the Free Roadmap to SSIP Level 1 Accreditation

Every journey is smoother with a Roadmap.  Knowing what you have to do, the timescale in which you have to do it and how it will be assessed will make the process easier.  

The gripe business owners tend to have with the health and safety accreditation process is that they are paying someone to scrutinise their arrangements.  So when the response is negative and further action is required, that is when the process becomes ardous, tiring and can feel like it’s never ending.

Download a Free E-course which will take you step-by-step through the accreditation process, by clicking on the big orange logo on the right.

Is Accreditation The Right Choice for Your Company?

Only you can decide that.  Ask yourself?

  • Do your competitors have the accreditations?
  • Are your clients asking for accreditations?
  • Would it score you more points in the tender process?
  • Would your company be more organised if you had an accredited system?

If you answer yes to any of these, then Yes it is the right choice for your company.

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Claire Sheehan is a Chartered Health and Safety Manager who founded Infinite Safety Ltd in 2006.  Infinite Safety Ltd has grown by word of mouth alone to serve over 120 clients across the UK.

Health and Safety Managers to Over 100 SSIP Level 1 Accredited Companies

Health and Safety Managers to Over 100 SSIP Level 1 Accredited Companies


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