CDM Regulation Changes 2015

So, it’s been in the offing for a long time but now we’ve got dates!!

On the 6th of April 2015 the latest edition of the regulations come into force.  There will be a transitional period of six months then in October 2015 the changes will be in full effect.

I know what you’re asking, What are the changes to CDM?

CDM Badge

Well, the regulations will apply to domestic work meeting the notification criteria. So a client is a client and if a job is longer than 30 days or has a duration of more than 500 man hours, then it must be notified andirectly the regulations must be worked to.

The CDM Co-ordinator (or planning supervisor as they were known before 2007) is no longer required.  All duties will be placed on the Principal Designer, who is anticipated to be the architect on the project but is likely to be a member of the team at the architects practice.

Competence is a major issue and the competence of all operatives will need to be demonstrated.  Not only trade competence but also health and safety competence.

So, if you have a project starting after the 6th of April, a Principal Designer will need to be appointed.

If you have a current project which runs past April but finishes before October, the CDM Co-ordinator can run out the project.

If you have a current project that finishes after October 2015, the Principal Designer wwill have to take over from the CDM Co-ordinator.

I’ll be posting loads more about the changes and how you can easily meet the requirements in time.  Subscribe to the blog to make sure you don’t miss any updates or advice.  I hate spam as much as the next spam hating blogger so don’t worry, your email address is only used to inform you of updates.

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