The Competence Thing

Competence, is not just competence at their trade or profession.  It is an understanding, appreciation and the know-how to execute their Health and Safety Responsibilities correctly.

Competence is strongly linked to liability and it is the sole reason that sub-contractors have to be “vetted” and the reason schemes such as CHAS, SMAS and Constructionline exist.

Your insurers will aslo be keen to protect your interests by ensuring liability can be passed on to the sub-contractors you appoint.  In order to successfully do this you need to ensure they are competent and they are insured.

An insurance broker I work closely with is Richard Garratt of Garrats Insurance in Preston.  Richard rightly says…

“A profitable property portfolio takes years to build, but can be ruined in next to no time if you are not properly insured.”

True eh?

and don’t forget you can’t insure against prosecution.  That comes out of the bank account!

You can read more about sub-contractor competence on our blog.  Of course, if you have any, questions, just hit reply and I’ll get back to you asap.

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